Is Zoe Really Ready To Play Soccer?

Is Zoe Really Ready To Play Soccer?

No, not exactly, but the timing worked out perfectly to plop her into some beginner sessions. We found out about the North County Soccer Park in Poway offering Soccer classes for various age groups, all the way down to 18 months. Just making the cut by two months, we arrived this morning with ZERO idea what we were getting into. The age groups are all assigned a color, which is really helpful when a mix of different age groups are all on the field at once. The green shirt Zoe was given looks like it was two sizes too large! Is she really that small?

We took the field at 9:00 and it was pretty much like you expect… pure chaos. Kids running all over the field (which is like an indoor field, only outside), Soccer balls going every direction and lots of screaming and laughs. We were corralled into one section by our coach who had the kids begin by stretching and running back and forth across the field a few times. Then everybody sat (except Zoe, who decided to assert her independence by standing) in a circle and we all went around introducing ourselves. We had a water break and then were back to activities. They had us build towers from safety cones and have the kids kick the ball into it, crashing the tower down. Zoe liked that. Then we lined the cones in a slalom layout and at the end placed a small goal/net with another ball placed just in front of it. The kids ran through the slalom and then kicked the ball scoring a goal. That was so much fun Zoe went through the course two more times!

The end was a multi-colored parachute-like thing that all of the kids piled into the center of. Then the parents and coach grabbed the edge and began to spin it around in circles. Two or three kids bailed off screaming but not Zoe, she was all over this, grinning from ear to ear.

All in all it was a success. It got all of us up early on a Saturday morning, got Zoe out interacting with other kids and on some level she just might learn some Soccer skills. Probably not.

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