So, if you clicked the link “Jason” and landed here you probably have a pretty good idea what my name is. In fact, I suspect you even knew it before coming to our site. For those of you that don’t know much about me we’ll go through things rather quickly here.

I’m Jason, born and raised in San Diego, CA. After 40 years living in San Diego my beautiful wife and I moved to Queen Creek, AZ. She and I are fairly opposite and that’s what makes us such a good match. I’m the quiet one (sans alcohol) and generally sit back mellow-like letting things unfold peacefully. As history will reveal I am possibly the slowest person to do anything important.

Proof? After 10 years together Jenny and I married on October 7th, 2006. I will never forget how beautiful she looked as I gazed down the aisle and watched her walk toward me. I mean, are you kidding? Here I am doing my best to look good and then she walks in? Stunning beauty.

Six months later and we’d be moving onto a place of our own. Life was just plugging along for a bit and then the news. This would change everything.

Eight unanimous tests and a small anxiety attack later it started to sink in… Jenny’s pregnant! Uh oh. Me? A Dad? I’m the guy random babies freakishly stare at as if I were the guy parents warn children about. I wonder what it means? Maybe we’ll find out this December when our little one makes her grand entrance. I can’t wait to finally meet her.

In my free time I like to build websites and find ways to make things work better. My problem is I just can’t seem to figure out how to make money at any of this. Want a website? Cake. How much? Ummm, how does $10,000 sound? Is that too much? I absolutely friggin’ hate playing Tech Support for people. Listen, I know that when you do something well you should help others but, people, I do network stuff all day for a living and at the end of a day the last thing I want to do is more of it, more specifically, more of it for free. (Naturally, Mom and Dad, you’re exempt.) Honestly, do you really believe a roofer wants to drop by after work and help you tack shingles… for free? Me either.

I used to stay busy with my reef tank which sadly is no longer around. It’s a sore spot and I don’t think Jenny will ever let me have another one. Oh yeah, almost forgot, we have a super neat-o cat named Molly that lives a worthless eat-sleep-shit lifestyle, another cat named Rocky that is mostly “just a typical cat” and a Lab named Buddy.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about “the boss”, Zoe. Her page lives here.


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  1. Tom Lafleur


    I have a Autelis that I could loan you for 2 weeks if it would help?? Look like that have decode everything, so their might be some info there…

    I’m in San Diego

    lafleur @ lafleur . us

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